Sara Al-Hadithi (Co-producer) is a multi-faceted artist who draws upon her training in music, dance and theatre to teach and inspire students from all backgrounds.  A native of Iraq, Sara is the daughter of renowned ethnomusicologist and folklorist Dr. Sadi Al-Hadithi.

     From childhood, Sara was surrounded by many of Iraq’s luminaries in the fields of the arts, music and folklore, who also tutored her in several aspects of traditional Iraqi folkloric arts. Sara has also had formal training in the Bedouin folkloric traditions that
are part of her lineage, including Bedouin language and poetry traditions. Over the past several years, Sara has dedicated her focus to sharing her knowledge of Iraqi dance, music, and culture with others.         

     Sara’s goal as both artist and educator is to share accurate information and promote responsible and respectful portrayals of Iraqi culture in the dance community and beyond.

     Featured on the cover of the Mazaag debut album, Amani Jabril (Co-producer) is an award winning choreographer, having taught internationally with workshops scheduled around the United States, Europe and the Middle East. She was honored to have been invited to teach at the 2017 Egyptian Dance Festival, Cairo, Egypt; 2016 Aladdin’s Oriental Festival, Bonn, Germany, 2015 Leylah Masriya Festival, Cairo, Egypt; 2011/2012 Amani Oriental Festival, Beirut, Lebanon and to have been invited to assistant teach during the 2011 US tour of Master Mahmoud Reda.

     Awarded 2010 Best Newcomer by Nafoura International Bellydance Magazine, Amani has trained in dance and drama, and has studied and performed extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America.

     Best known for her fluid and deeply sensual style of dance, Amani Jabril has built her reputation as an adept instructor and an inspired performer, delivering stellar dance technique combined with the heart and soul of the Middle East.