July 19, 2021


Dear Friends of Iraqi Dance,

We deeply regret to inform you that this event will be canceled.

The worldwide pandemic created by the COVID-19 virus has thrown all of us into a time of uncertainty with daily changes to our normal way of doing business. Since last year and the beginning of the pandemic, we have done all within our power

to navigate the new terrain before us. Every day we strove to put the well-being of the dancers and our community at the center of everything we did. We shifted dates, navigated new regulations, shifted venues and took on loss. Still, we continued to push forward to best serve you and best protect the integrity of the event and future events like it. With each new challenge we prided ourselves on making lemonade from lemons.

However - there are some obstacles that we simply cannot surmount. 

After speaking directly with the Embassy of Sweden in Washington, D.C. and confirming with U.S. authorities, we now know that the travel ban for travel into the United States for those non-resident, non-U.S. citizens will remain in place. This means that our dear Mohanned Hawaz, will not be able to travel into the U.S. to join us for this event this year.


With hope in our hand, our Master Instructor and Management Team will continue to go forward with planning for events in 2022 and continue to look for ways to provide ways to present the highest quality event with solutions to fit your needs.

Stay tuned for more details to come!


We would like to thank you for your patience, diligence and support over the last year. We could not have gotten this far without your friendship and support. Thank you for moving forward with us!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have - Amani Jabril @ 404-550-4692 /



The Iraqi Dance Intensive L.A. Team