The Only Five Combinations You’ll Ever Need!

This series of workshops will cultivate effortless dance performance that is grounded in simple, clean statements; a sensitive understanding of the music; and fully formed well- executed movement.

In each workshop, I will teach a suite of movements, grounded in folklore, that are beautifully suited to the musical context we are exploring. Each movement suite will form one long combination through which we will explore the depth of the movement, feeling, expression and musicality. Each long combination will form the central mechanism of our practice as we repeat, refine and repeat the movement again and again.

Repetition will be an important element in the learning and teaching presented in this workshop and students will benefit from the power of repetition. In this way, this workshop series is inspired by Ashtanga Vinyasa yogic practice. By limiting ourselves to a fixed set of movements that will be repeated over and over again, we will create the physical, mental and emotional space to master the movement and the movement within the music. Said another way, to help us get out of our heads and into the feeling and the music. In a world that often demands instant solutions, variety and ‘something new’ almost every day – this may be the most challenging aspect of this workshop!

I look forward to seeing you in January!



Workshop Schedule

Workshop 1 (Khaliji)-  January 27, 2019 11am-1pm  (Pre-registration by January 13)

Workshop 2 (Baladi Taqsim)-  February 24, 2019 11am 1pm  (Pre-registration by February 10)

Workshop 3 (Intros & Outros)-  March 31, 2019 11am-1pm  (Pre-registration March 17)

Workshop 4 (Andalusia) - April 28, 2019 11am-1pm (Pre-registration April 14)

Workshop 5 (TBA) – TBA


Workshop Rates

$40 (single workshop & drop-in rate)

$80 for 2 workshops

$105 for 3 workshops

$145 for 4 workshops


Register for workshops here:




A minimum attendance of five (5) students per each workshop will be required. Attendance will be determined by number of pre-registered students. The workshop will be canceled if the minimum attendance is not met by the pre-registration date listed.

All workshops will be held at:

Global Dance Studio & Theatre Suite 309, 2300 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Roswell, GA 30076 T: (770) 594-1937